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We connect you with agents you can trust
to help with the largest purchase
you'll make: your home.

Choosing your real estate agent wisely is as important as choosing your surgeon, pilot, or lawyer. Yet, due to lack of reputable information, many consumers feel lost when it comes to choosing who will represent them. How do you know who to trust?

That's where we come in.

Choosing a great real estate agent is hard if you don't know what to look for

Pilots are required to have hundreds of hours of “seat time” flying an actual plane before they can obtain a license, and doctors and lawyers spend years learning before they are able to practice.  Unfortunately, the standards are much lower when it comes to obtaining a Real Estate License. In fact, qualified Real Estate Professionals represent less than 10% of all the licensees in Minnesota.

We hold our agents to a higher level of experience and client satisfaction

True skill in a field comes from practice and experience. The Real Estate Professional accreditation adds transparency into who can best represent and serve your interest based on their real experience and production. We believe you deserve this information before making your decision on representation, and we are dedicated to presenting it fairly.

You can trust the REP Certification when searching for a great agent

Certified Real Estate Professionals must meet a high level of standards to ensure the consumer (you!) are represented well and have the best experience possible. They are the top producing agents, and have the insight you can only learn from a long tenure in the field.  

We hold real estate agents to a higher standard.

Every certified Real Estate Professional is a licensee in good standing with a minimum of two years of experience, performs 12+ transactions annually, and holds a bachelor’s degree.

Unlike other websites that recommend preferred agents, we do not collect referral fees. There is no benefit for our site to recommend any one agent or another, which eliminates potential conflicts of interest and allows you the consumer to make your decision from clear, unbiased information.

All real estate agents are NOT the same. You deserve a true professional when it comes to making the largest investment of your life. Contact a Real Estate Professional today!